25 facts about me

1. I used to suck my thumb (I still sometimes get caught :S ooops)
2. I am an unbelievable fussy eater, but I am improving in my older age 🙂
3. I had saxophone lessons
4. I’m afraid of the dark
5. I love to be in control
6. I am definitely a worrier. I worry about everything
7. I am a very positive, happy person
8. I hate pets
9. I can not stick to a diet
10. I can’t catch (apart from once I caught a girl out in rounders catching the ball in my top by accident lol)
11. I hate seafood
12. I have a brother (a strange one as well)
13. I prefer to be the leader then to be lead
14. My favourite colour is green
15. If you give me a time to meet, all my friends know to add 30 minutes
16. I am a professional makeup artist
17. I have a degree in Graphic Design
18. My birthday is on 19th April
19. Apparently I am almost deaf, but I say everyone mumbles
20. I love to sing when I am alone (I always say if only there was a camera in the room when I was alone)
21. I love crash bandicoot
22. My friends sometimes sit and stare at me and when I realise they say I am just to entertaining to watch.
23. I should never go out on my own as something always happens!
24. I have never broken a bone
25. I cannot cook… and I mean I burn microwave meals!
Since I am new to blogging I feel like doing more of a personal blog post this evening. I have seen lots of other bloggers already do this, and love a good nose, so I thought I would do it as well.  So after hearing 25 facts about me, lets make this interesting and please leave a comment telling me random facts about you 🙂
Amy 😛

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