Setting out on my new journey

It’s the 30th of June and I have just embarked on my makeup journey. I have hit the road and after a painful 6 hour car journey I am finally in Bournemouth! Wahoo! I am here to complete an extensive hair and makeup course and begin my path to becoming a professional makeup artist 🙂

So, I have enrolled at DFMA which was founded in 2010 by celebrity makeup artist Davinia Fermi. They are located in London, Brighton and of course, Bournemouth. The academy runs 1 to 5 week courses including bridal, session styling, theatrical, Fashion, Media and TV Make up and Hair. I was actually suggested this course by a (I have to say my favourite) mac girl in the Fenicks in Canterbury, but I never remember her name :-/ She told me she went to DFMA in Brighton and loved every minute of it and it was because of the course she is now working for mac and had jobs on TV such as ITVs Take Me Out. I rushed home and couldn’t get online quick enough to look up the academy
I found a really good way to find more about the course was on their Facebook page, on here students on the course post photos of things they are learning of photos from work they have done since finishing. DFMA Facebook page

The course I am doing is Fashion, Media and TV Hair and Makeup.

Flawless face make up
Skin tones / face shapes / eye shapes / bone structure / skin types
Health and safety
Bridal make up
Ethnic make up
Couture make up
30s, 50s, 60s hair and make up influences
Make up for black and white photography
High fashion make up
Editorial make up and hair
Male grooming
Blocking out eye brows techniques
Gem/lashes application
Product knowledge
50s style French pleats hair
60s style beehive hair
Finger waving, marcel wave hair
Velcro roller and pin curling / barrel curl sets
HD TV make up
TV script breakdown day’s hair and make up
Continuity hair and make up
Character TV/HD and make up
Blow drying, and fashion hair techniques
Basic hair cut
End of term project
Professional photo shoot with a top photographer
CD of work to help you start off your portfolio and networking profiles

As far as money is concerned it’s going to be difficult not only will I be forking out for the course, I will also need to fork out for accommodation, food, general living expenses. (Au revoir travelling savings!) At the moment a lot can’t be said to do with the amount the course is costing. My initial thoughts are ‘damn it’s a lot of money, but damn the kit best be good :-)’ I suppose one incentive for me handing over the money is that there was a promotion so I got a “free” iPad at the time I joined.

Through this blog I will take you day by day of my experiences on the course and hopefully show you all the things I learn and the great fandabby fun I will endure.

Let the fun begin




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