Day 2- Smokey eye

I had a fabaroo day today, I do enjoy a good smokey eye, and i love trying out different colours. So  Day 2 is all about the smokey eye With Davinia again.

1) cleanse

2) toner- a nice little spruce up

We will apply the foundation after we have done the eyes as it is highly likely we will get a lot of fall down.

3) take a brow pencil and draw onto the back of your hand, use it as a gel with an angle brush.

4) start in the middle of the brow to add depth, then just use to fill in.

5) check the brows are the same, if not use a pencil to even them out.

6) using black kohl eyeliner, you lift up from underneath the eyebrow with your thumb to make the eyelid tight, this allows you to get the black eyeliner all over the eyelid and fill the flesh between the lashes.
7) with the eye open mark out just over the socket line so you know where to fill to. This stops the eyebrow from protruding.
8) eyeliner also needs to be pushed into the lower line and under the eye.
9) take a medium fluffy brush and blend out the edges of the liner. Make sure you take off any access liner on the back of your hand throughout so you don’t just spread the black.
10) choose a smokey grey shadow and a shadow brush and push the shadow onto the liner, this will pack on and stick to the base.
11) in a lighter grey, use a fluffy brush to blend over the whole eye and blend out any lines.
12) take a smudge brush to blend under the eye and the outer corner.
13) using a small lip brush, wet with a little water as this will make it easier to pick up glitter and place a little in the centre of he lower lash line. This adds a shine whenever the client blinks.
14) clean off any drop down with toner.

masking tape is a really good way to remove any glitter that has fallen.

15) clean up the inner corner of the eye with a q-tip, before highlighting. Then highlight underneath the eyebrows to pop the brow bone.
16) either using black eyeliner, or a coloured eyeliner for a pop of colour, fill in the waterline.

17) use a full coverage foundation and make sure you run the brush over the lips to knock back the colour. If the hair is tied back then go over the ears as well, the last thing you want is totally different coloured ears that show up.
18) conceal under the eyes with a fluffy brush, take off the majority of product on the back of your hand so it’s just being buffed in.

take a step back and check the eyebrows, if they are looking lost as it is a heavy eye look add to them.

19) to powder into place use a fan brush.
20) apply blush to only the apple of the cheeks and use a smaller fluffy brush for more accuracy.
21) a highlighter for the cheek bones, Mac stardust is a good product, use a large fluffy brush to.

glitter or shimmer looks like sweat on TV

22) we just want to give the lips a little stain, so use a beige colour with a lip brush to apply, then tap in with a finger to make softer.

Finishing touches
23) trim lashes if they need to be, out the glue on the back if your hand to get tacky, then apply to the lashes and place along the lash line.
24) apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes…

… And wallah!!




I you have never noticed how purple eyeshadows bring out green eyes you can see in these photos.





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