MAC AW13 masterclass (& shopping oops)

So AW13 is upon us and I went on a jolly journey to London Chelsea to visit the mac store on kings street (Unfortunately not seeing any of the made in Chelsea cast). The only reason I was able to do this was through an opportunity with DFMA. We was shown the look below from London fashion week, then used the rest of the time to network and go SHOPPING!!



So… I went shopping (naughty) but… I personally don’t call it shopping, it’s purchasing essentials that will further your career and got a hefty discount (Ehh). Mainly in my head at the time was what do I need to add to my bridal makeup kit? My first thought was a good sheer foundation which is also buildable and of course MAC face & body is always a good option for a natural look. I got the lightest in N1 and a darker in N9, then I am prepared for porcelain to dark skin and can mix them together with my already existing foundation to get correct colours for different skin tones.

Tip- One of the lovely helpful ladies did suggest to pair up with another friend, then you can purchase a couple colours each and split them into empty bottles to get more colours as the 120ml bottles last for yonks.


As I chose a light foundation, I picked up a MAC Pro Longwear concealerย in NC25 as I already have a derma blend palette for darker skin tones. Pro Longwear is a lot higher coverage for any ‘troubled’ areas my clients may have.


MAC fix+ is spoken about a lot on YouTube that I have seen and always looked so, of course the minerals in it are good for your skin as well! but it’s so refreshing And there is nothing worse then when you have blow dried hair and the feel for the client when you put makeup on stuffy skin.


MAC blush in harmony I have been told by Lyndsey Harrison is perfect for contouring on a bride for a natural look as it’s completely matte and is an orange tangoed bronzer ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway it was actually used in the tutorial today so that was it, SOLD!ย (How annoying is it that the packaging is upside down in the photo above!)


ย MAC pigment in Vanilla is a gorgeous highlighter, I used when I was at DFMA, so that was a must ๐Ÿ˜›


I have so many different colour eyeshadows but in my MAC palettes I have neutrals, greens, purples, so thought I would go for more red/pink colours, then I can be a little more romantical for people. I had to go for a more neutral ‘all that glitters’, then the middle shade is called ‘paradisco’ย and then the darkest which will be a lovely crease colour is ‘coppering’.ย 


Lipsticks are the one thing I can’t get really carried away with, which is strange considering I tend to wear a neutral lip, does not stop me buying every colour in the rainbow! So I went with the classics, MAC matte lipstick in Russian red was used in the tutorial so of course twisted my arm, MAC matte lipstick in lady danger just jumped out at me it’s a brighter red but more orangey so will look lovely with ladies with blue eyes. Then there is the neutrals, I got MAC cremesheen lipstick in pure zen and MAC glaze lipstick in hue, these will look lovely on the natural brides I was thinking.






Day 1- flawless face

In day one Davinia Fermi taught us the flawless face, to enhance the natural skin. Now wouldn’t it be nice for me to share my notes with you from a celebrity makeup artist?! Oh yes it would so here we go, underneath is the step by step tutorial I had the pleasure of taking part in ๐Ÿ™‚

1) The first step is to always cleanse the skin, you can use oil which is good to use on any type skin, this will remove any make up and dirt.
2) mist water over the face and wipe away with cotton wall we used Evian water spray, this will remove any of the oil and after run over the skin with toner also using cotton wool.

if there is a warm atmosphere don’t use moisturiser this will make the make up slip

3) apply Mac strobe cream all over face except on TV you need to use a matte primer to reduce shine.
4) apply foundation starting with the centre of the face where most of the coverage is needed and blend outwards. You can blend out the foundation with a moisturiser so you can still see the skin through. Make sure you cover underneath the nose and over the lips, this will block out colour to give you a blank canvas.

Test foundation on the chest/collar bone to match face to the body. You shouldn’t have to go down on the neck if the foundation is the correct colour and check all over the body to ensure that the hands match the colour of the face, and any other body parts on show, you don’t want a photograph with white hands and a tanned face.

As we have been given Mac Pro Longwear foundations in our kit, first we must understand the โ€œCodeโ€ that MAC uses to categorise its colours. Each foundation has a set of letters (NC or NW) followed by a set of numbers, so for example my colour is NC20. Now to really understand the codeโ€ฆ.
NC – (Neutral Cool) These have a yellow undertone. This is the cool undertone according to MAC.
NW – (Neutral Warm) These have a pink undertone. Yes, this is the warm undertone.
The numbers that follow these letters simply tell you how dark the foundation is. For example, NC20 is lighter then NC45.

5) use oil free concealer, now this will make it sweat proof and waterproof you will need to warm it up on the back of your hand so it goes on very smooth. We used derma colour palette.
6) powder time! Dust over the face mainly around the nose and where you have applied concealer to set everything in place. On set take powder to blot any shines and oily areas.
7) a fan brush will gently apply a little blush over cheek bones but also apply a little down the centre of the nose to give a fresh, dewy look.
8) add some glow in you cheeks, temples and any high points of your face by using a touch of bronzer.
9) My favourite part, eyebrows! Brush them out with what looks like a mascara wand. Use an angle brush and use small strokes, start higher to lift the eye.

stay clear of orangey browns, use colours like khaki for blondes that way no ginger eyebrows

That’s skin done, but if we wanted to we could go on to add a little to the eyes and lips.

1) with your thumb, place it under the eyebrow and pull up so there is tension on the eyelid. Using brown kohl eyeliner, line the lash line to add depth and smudge up with a fluffy brush.
2) using a soft fluffy brush apply a bronze over the socket and take slightly over the socket to stop the eye sinking back.
3) smudge a little bronze under the eye.
4) highlight under the eyebrows, Cupid’s bow (centre of the top lip line) and the inner corner (tear duct area).
5) to define the eyes more use eyeliner on the tight line (upper waterline).

always ensure you have filled in the tight line, you don’t want any dodgey photos of the models head tilted back and seeing a fleshy colour coming through and ruining the beautiful eye makeup you have just done.

1) check the shape of the lips and use a lip liner to correct and define.
2) select a neutral lipstick, good if it’s nearly the same colour as the clients and use a lip brush to apply.
3) adding a little shadow over the lipstick sets it in place to help it last longer.


Thank you Davinia for our first lesson and cannot wait for the next, so for now I’m off to have a play with everything got in our kits today and wash all my makeup brushes ready for tomorrow.


Day 1- Welcome to DFMA

Wow! What an amazing first day I have had ๐Ÿ™‚ to start the day waking up at 7am with beautiful hot summer weather, and a lovely walk from Bournemouth town centre where I am staying to Westbourne where the academy is. The academy is really easy to find and I must say Westbourne is lovely with a couple nice pubs, a Tesco and M&S to grab lunch or even the cracking chip shop, and some gorgeous little boutiques to wonder around.

Moving on to the most important part of the whole experience… What’s in the kit?? ๐Ÿ˜€

Hair kit-

Makeup kit-



MAC lip pencils in redd and spice

MAC eyebrow pencils in lingering and brunette

MAC eyeliners in smoulder and coffee

MAC zoom lash mascara

Stargazer liquid eyeliner

MAC pressed blot powder

4x MAC Pro Longwear foundation

Royal & Langnickle brushes

Until next time



Setting out on my new journey

It’s the 30th of June and I have just embarked on my makeup journey. I have hit the road and after a painful 6 hour car journey I am finally in Bournemouth! Wahoo! I am here to complete an extensive hair and makeup course and begin my path to becoming a professional makeup artist ๐Ÿ™‚

So, I have enrolled at DFMA which was founded in 2010 by celebrity makeup artist Davinia Fermi. They are located in London, Brighton and of course, Bournemouth. The academy runs 1 to 5 week courses including bridal, session styling, theatrical, Fashion, Media and TV Make up and Hair. I was actually suggested this course by a (I have to say my favourite) mac girl in the Fenicks in Canterbury, but I never remember her name :-/ She told me she went to DFMA in Brighton and loved every minute of it and it was because of the course she is now working for mac and had jobs on TV such as ITVs Take Me Out. I rushed home and couldn’t get online quick enough to look up the academy
I found a really good way to find more about the course was on their Facebook page, on here students on the course post photos of things they are learning of photos from work they have done since finishing. DFMA Facebook page

The course I am doing is Fashion, Media and TV Hair and Makeup.

Flawless face make up
Skin tones / face shapes / eye shapes / bone structure / skin types
Health and safety
Bridal make up
Ethnic make up
Couture make up
30s, 50s, 60s hair and make up influences
Make up for black and white photography
High fashion make up
Editorial make up and hair
Male grooming
Blocking out eye brows techniques
Gem/lashes application
Product knowledge
50s style French pleats hair
60s style beehive hair
Finger waving, marcel wave hair
Velcro roller and pin curling / barrel curl sets
HD TV make up
TV script breakdown day’s hair and make up
Continuity hair and make up
Character TV/HD and make up
Blow drying, and fashion hair techniques
Basic hair cut
End of term project
Professional photo shoot with a top photographer
CD of work to help you start off your portfolio and networking profiles

As far as money is concerned it’s going to be difficult not only will I be forking out for the course, I will also need to fork out for accommodation, food, general living expenses. (Au revoir travelling savings!) At the moment a lot can’t be said to do with the amount the course is costing. My initial thoughts are ‘damn it’s a lot of money, but damn the kit best be good :-)’ I suppose one incentive for me handing over the money is that there was a promotion so I got a “free” iPad at the time I joined.

Through this blog I will take you day by day of my experiences on the course and hopefully show you all the things I learn and the great fandabby fun I will endure.

Let the fun begin