It’ssss….. Christmasssss!!

The words of Slade… Itsss Christmasss!! And I have invited my lovely friendys over for our own Christmas dinner! Now… They found this hilarious as I am possibly the worst cook! (I have burnt things in the microwave :-/ ha) but you can’t kill me for trying… So, Christmas dinners are normally about roast turkey, roast potatoes, veg, the horrid Brussels! But oh no… My Christmas dinner is… Drum rolls please… FAJITAS AND NACHOS!! Now who doesn’t like a good ol’ Mexican? Of course a chocolate gateau goes down perfectly after 😀 I pulled out all the stops and have decided to share with you our evening…

Fairy lights and candles to set the mood ;-P


Sour cream mountain!! Chloe just couldn’t help herself, silly sausage 🙂

We all love a Christmas cracker hat!


Chloe seems to have been replaced by a Christmas tree :-/








We then went on to carry on the night with a few drinks and bubbles, then we all got a little competitive playing Articulate (some more then others :-/) so photos was the last thing on our minds. Overall a lovely night with great company that ended up like something out of Ab Fab in fur coats, glass of Prosecco in one hand, a wonky Christmas cracker hat and a little plastic hair clip and fake lips ha!

I hope everyone is having a very festive Christmas time like I am with my lovelies

Absolutely fabulous darling





25 facts about me

1. I used to suck my thumb (I still sometimes get caught :S ooops)
2. I am an unbelievable fussy eater, but I am improving in my older age 🙂
3. I had saxophone lessons
4. I’m afraid of the dark
5. I love to be in control
6. I am definitely a worrier. I worry about everything
7. I am a very positive, happy person
8. I hate pets
9. I can not stick to a diet
10. I can’t catch (apart from once I caught a girl out in rounders catching the ball in my top by accident lol)
11. I hate seafood
12. I have a brother (a strange one as well)
13. I prefer to be the leader then to be lead
14. My favourite colour is green
15. If you give me a time to meet, all my friends know to add 30 minutes
16. I am a professional makeup artist
17. I have a degree in Graphic Design
18. My birthday is on 19th April
19. Apparently I am almost deaf, but I say everyone mumbles
20. I love to sing when I am alone (I always say if only there was a camera in the room when I was alone)
21. I love crash bandicoot
22. My friends sometimes sit and stare at me and when I realise they say I am just to entertaining to watch.
23. I should never go out on my own as something always happens!
24. I have never broken a bone
25. I cannot cook… and I mean I burn microwave meals!
Since I am new to blogging I feel like doing more of a personal blog post this evening. I have seen lots of other bloggers already do this, and love a good nose, so I thought I would do it as well.  So after hearing 25 facts about me, lets make this interesting and please leave a comment telling me random facts about you 🙂
Amy 😛