Haul: Boots & Superdrug

I’ve been shopping!! Wahoo!! Well should really be naughty Amy! I just can’t help myself :-/ but surely I can be let off as it’s all from Boots and Superdrug so I saved money on 3 for 2 offers and most importantly I gained lots and lots of points. Some may even call me coupon Amy 😉


Firstly I went into Boots, I always start with boots because here I can gain the most points and use the offers that get sent through your door to get an even better deal, you know like the vouchers such as ‘get 400 points when you spend £30’ or ‘get 200 points when you purchase any Trevor sortie product’. Another thing I do is use the boots card machine where you can print extra vouchers off.

Anyway, from Models Own I bought a luminous orange nail varnish in the Hedkandi collection called beach party in HK01. Also their artistic nail beads in neon pink fizz BD002. These are like the nail caviar, I thought they would be cool to use on an accent nail next to the luminous orange.


Next I headed over to Maybelline because I really wanted to try the colorsensational lipsticks. They had a 3 for 2 offer and me being me couldn’t just try one, I had to buy 3 different colours :-/ so I got 906 hot plum, 902 fuchsia flash and 910 shocking coral. My favourite is definitely shocking coral as I don’t tend to wear bright lipsticks, I normally stick to neutrals or reds but I fancy a change so hopefully they are good.

2013-05-24 00.00.282013-05-23 23.57.44

As you have seen if there’s a 3 for 2 on I don’t settle for 1 or mix the offer up between different brands so yes… I bought 3 sets of eyelashes. I got 100, 110 and 107 these are the lashes I always wear, I use 100 for more natural looks or a smokey eye. I only use 110 ever so often when they go with an evening look. Then 107 is more winged out so look lovely with a 1950’s winged eyeliner look. These are the easiest lashes I’ve ever used to apply, they are flexible and have a thin strip so I would really recommend trying these.


Heres the boring part, everybody always needs to keep a packet of face wipes and the Nivea ones were going cheap so thought i would give them a go. I have already used one before writing this post and I’m not sure I like them, I didn’t really enjoy it as it was so wet, yes It took my makeup off but when going over my eyes I could feel the moisture stuck in my lashes and was scared to open my eyes. However I can’t judge to soon I will use them more and see whether I will buy them again or go back to my trusted boots own ones.


Finally from Boots, I am on a mission to find a good drugstore foundation which I can use everyday without have to cry over using a foundation I have bought for £30 on every time I need to use a little extra on a bad skin day lol. A friend suggested Maybelline Dream Satin liquid foundation so I got the colour ivory and I will have to see how the colour matches and whether it does give an air-brush finish.



 I ventured red around the corner to Superdrug, whenever I’m in Canterbury I always need to check out Sleek. I have a couple of Sleek products now and I love the contour kit, blushers and eyeshadows. So when I had a butchers the other day I was clearly on a bright colour splurge after visiting Boots as I then went on to buy the ultra mattes brights palette. I love the Sleek packaging, you know the snap you get when you close the lid? That’s when you know whether the packaging is good or not. These shadows have a lot to live up to as the other palettes have set a high standard 🙂


Although I only went in for Sleek, this caught my eye, I remembered someone on YouTube talking about them being great. I had recently watched a Cara Delevingne tutorial by Lisa Eldridge and she had used a colour similar to this so it had to be done. The pigment looks amazing from the swatch below so I am extremely excited to get cracking.


 I’ve had fun shopping now I get to have fun trying all these products out 🙂