Happy 40th Kate Moss!

I don’t know about you guys but this lovely lady definitely deserves a mahousive HAPPYYYY BIRRTHDAYYY from all of us. Kate Moss turned 40 last week (16th January) and isn’t she gorgeous? This women is not only extremely stunning but also an inspiration, through everything Kate has managed to keep her career moving for an amazing span of years. Therefore I now name her a ‘superdupermodel’. Kate decided to celebrate her birthday with a four day bender including a festival in her garden (as you do). Florence and the Machine, Mark Ronson, amongst others all took the stage to perform for her and her guests. Even Noel Gallagher serenaded her, now that’s something I would love to see.

Kate Moss with her beautiful daughter Lila Grace by photographer Mario Testino

To celebrate turning the big 4-0, this beautiful and sexy mother of one still has got it as she flaunts her ‘thang’ for Playboys 60th anniversary. Hubba Hubba 😛


I just felt this needed to be done and also me and my friends have all been joking about turning 30 recently as everyone is getting another year closer. Don’t get me wrong I am only 22 but still… So life doesn’t stop at 30, apparently it just keeps getting better (phewww)

Happy birthday Kate Moss

Toodles 🙂


It’ssss….. Christmasssss!!

The words of Slade… Itsss Christmasss!! And I have invited my lovely friendys over for our own Christmas dinner! Now… They found this hilarious as I am possibly the worst cook! (I have burnt things in the microwave :-/ ha) but you can’t kill me for trying… So, Christmas dinners are normally about roast turkey, roast potatoes, veg, the horrid Brussels! But oh no… My Christmas dinner is… Drum rolls please… FAJITAS AND NACHOS!! Now who doesn’t like a good ol’ Mexican? Of course a chocolate gateau goes down perfectly after 😀 I pulled out all the stops and have decided to share with you our evening…

Fairy lights and candles to set the mood ;-P


Sour cream mountain!! Chloe just couldn’t help herself, silly sausage 🙂

We all love a Christmas cracker hat!


Chloe seems to have been replaced by a Christmas tree :-/








We then went on to carry on the night with a few drinks and bubbles, then we all got a little competitive playing Articulate (some more then others :-/) so photos was the last thing on our minds. Overall a lovely night with great company that ended up like something out of Ab Fab in fur coats, glass of Prosecco in one hand, a wonky Christmas cracker hat and a little plastic hair clip and fake lips ha!

I hope everyone is having a very festive Christmas time like I am with my lovelies

Absolutely fabulous darling